Katie Price (ex Jordan) nude in Playboy

Katie Price

You can say whatever you like about Katie Price, but she is quite possibly the girl who has done most thanks to her hotness and her ginormous boobs. She has started like so many British girls as a Page Three model. However, it wasn’t until she got her new boobs that she became a real star. From there on, there was no stopping her. I am just reading her Wikipedia page and she has published 12 books. Yep, 12 books and I am pretty sure that they were all best-sellers. The funniest thing is that she published 4 autobiographies, two years apart each one. I think we are due another one this year.

These are pics from Katie Price nude Playboy spread(s) and they are the most blatant example of what made her famous in the first place. It was her majestic boobage that changed size more times than Hillary Duff and the sexiness that she used to put on in her shoots. We are getting more of Katie than we have got ever before and later. It is the real Katie Price set and you need to see it. So, to put an end to this wonderful weekend, here are Katie Price Playboy pics!

Katie Price Katie Price Katie Price

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